Angel Magic ~ Thailand Drama

Name: Angel Magic ( Thailand name - Leh Nangfah)
Language: Thai with English subtitles
Episodes: 28

My Review

Angel Magic is about Lallalit a spoiled heiress who cares only about herself and how beautiful she is. What she doesn't know is that two angels from above are watching her and decide to teach her a lesson. The two angels  curse her into being a bird at night and a human by day and the only way she'll be able to break it is by kissing her true love and helping other's but she's only given 3 months if by then she doesn't break the spell she will remain a bird forever. Lallalit, thinks its going to be easy for her since she's beautiful and everybody loves her but behind her back she hears people talking badly of her. Apart from that she overhears that her father's company is being stolen from her and she will be left with nothing. What will Lallalit do? Will she be able to break the spell and save her father's company or give in?

This Thailand drama is by far my ultimate favorite from episode one it captured my attention and I just couldn't help but love it. Vill Wannarot acting as Lallalit was a wonderful actress she made me dislike her but love her as well. She was a very complex character and I loved her for it. She was selfish, which was a first for me because I usually watch drama's with girl character's who are way too nice so this was a great change. During the show she grows a lot as a character, she learns to love and care for people and to let go of her spoiled attitude though it still comes out at times.

Teepob her love interest is definitely a keeper, gosh I feel so old saying that but he is. He knew how to handle Lallalit, and wasn't afraid to put her in her place when she got out of line and he didn't coddle her either he was hard on her but he had to be because she wouldn't learn otherwise. He knew how spoiled and self-centered she was and he wanted her to grow out of that. Where she was selfish and bratty he was mature, he made up her weaknesses. They were a perfect match!

The romance was well done, it didn't feel too rushed or forced it was probably because Lallalit and Teepob had such great chemistry together and I couldn't help but smile every time there was a cute scene coming on. They were just plain adorable and I couldn't help but root for them even though they had a lot of obstacles in their way.

Here are some scene's that I totally loved!
And this one gaahhh my heart couldn't take it! Too many feels..
I seriously loved the romance and the plot and the character's! I loved everything though at times I felt annoyed at the misunderstandings that were going on in the show but it kept it going and had me at the edge of my seat so I'm not complaining. This Thailand drama pulled at my heart strings and made me laugh and cry it just made me feel so many emotions that even though I already finished it I feel like watching it all over again. 

For those of you who love Swan Lake or a great story filled with romance and magic and a dash of comedy then you should definitely watch this!

Rating: 5 stars

Links to watch----------> Angel Magic - or Angel Magic -


  1. OMG! Can I just first say that, that guy is one HOT guy! I just can't help myself from fangirling! xD The story sounds awesome btw! I've always loved Thai romance! They are always so sweet! Gaahhh! That guy is so cute! xD
    The Book Ponderer

    1. I guess I'm not the only one who finds him attractive! ;) You should definitely watch it! Whether for the eye candy or the wonderful romance! Thank you for following me! ;)

  2. hye i see that this drama is very interesting and i would like to watch it . did you know where i can dowload it with the subtitle :)


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