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The Girl With the Half and Half Face by Leslie Miller Review

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Release Date: November 14, 2014
Pages: 226

Goodreads Summary

She’s been trained to follow wherever her Core leads.
Until it leads her away from everything she’s ever known . . . into mortal danger.

Eighteen-year-old Kayli-el discovers she’s part of a new, evolving species on her planet, with a powerful internal guidance called the Core. After her teacher is murdered for its secrets, Kayli-el runs for her life – right into the arms of Tamber, a boy who’s crossed the ocean on a mysterious quest . . . to find her! 
When the same killers who murdered her teacher capture her best friend Serene, Kayli-el faces a choice with potentially deadly consequences: follow her Core’s wisdom and flee across the ocean to safety with Tamber, or defy her own guidance to try to save Serene’s life.

My Review

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Girl With the Half and Half Face  is about Kayli-el who on her eighteenth birthday see's her teacher murdered for the secrets of the core. A powerful internal guidance that she has within herself and the people who murdered him come after her so she has no other choice but to run. Running for her life lands her right into the arms of a mysterious boy named Tamber who says he's come to find her, but when she finds out her friend Serene is captured by the same people who killed her teacher what will she do? Will she follow her internal guidance and run away to safety with Tamber? Or will she confront her enemies and rescue her friend?

I loved Kayli-el as the protagonist she knew what she had to do to survive even if the decision was difficult and although she did make mistakes from time to time. She learned from them and tried her best to fix what she had done wrong. I don't know what I would have done in her position. Probably hid underground until it all blew over and people weren't trying to capture me. She was one tough cookie and falling in love with Tamber only made her stronger instead of weaker which is one of the reasons why I loved her. 

Tamber. *sigh* What can I say apart from how much I love you and seriously want to pinch your blushing cheeks. I loved him and his twin brother they made me laugh so freaking much. I loved that he blushed while trying to explain to Kayli-el what a wringlet was. (If you really wanna know what a wringlet is read the book. Trust me you won't regret it.)  Their sexual innuendo's and names for them were weird but hilarious to read about I still can't seem to get over it they both blushed like mad trying to explain it to Kayli-el. (No there are no sexual scenes its YA after all. Just kissing that made me fangirl.)

The romance I suppose was sort of an instant love but it didn't feel that way to me their attraction to each other just seemed to fit. I found their love adorable it just gave me the feels and I felt so freaking giddy about it. I loved watching Kayli-el grow and fall in love with Tamber. 

(Me while reading the romance part of the book.)

No it's not all about romance but that was my favorite part of the book, I'm a romance kind of girl. (The heart wants what the heart wants.) I also did love the adventure part of the book and the rescuing of course and I was so sad to see this book coming to an end. I truly enjoyed Kayli-el's journey and her realizing that every choice she makes can change her future but she learned to accept that and make the best of it.

If you're looking for Romance, Adventure, and Sci-fi then look no further. This book is just the book for you!

Rating: 4 stars

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Meritropolis Sale Event & Giveaway!

In Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die. After a young boy is killed because of a low Score, his brother plots to take down the System.

Sounds good, right? Well, this exciting YA Dystopia is on sale for just 99 cents Thursday, November 27 through Monday, December 1. You can pick up your copy on Amazon.

To celebrate, we are offering a giveaway for an autographed copy and a $100 Amazon gift card—hooray!
Check out this interview with Joel Ohman, the author of the book critics are calling, “The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist”, then scroll to the end of this post to learn more about the giveaway. Happy reading, and good luck!

Reader Interview with Joel Ohman

Who or what was your inspiration to write about post-apocalyptic, dystopian sci-fi?
I've read a lot in this genre, so I would say it’s a mix of a lot of different things. I really just wanted to explore this question of, "What gives a person worth?" Is it their usefulness to society? Is it because someone loves them? Is it because of how they look? Is it because of their health or ability? As a Christian, I believe that all people have worth, because they are made in the image of God. I wanted to explore some different takes on this question. I think that the post-apocalyptic/dystopian/sci-fi genre was the best vehicle to tackle some of those deep philosophical questions in a fun and interesting way.

Why do you write? Is it for fun, or because you have something you need to say in your writing?
Some writers are loath to say their writing has a message, because maybe they think doing so diminishes their art (not true, in my opinion), but I think that everyone has a message in their writing, even if they aren't as consciously focused on it—and that's a good thing. My message is in my epigraph: "Because everyone matters - Psalm 139".

Why the title Meritropolis?
I wanted a short one word title that was a clever—or at least semi-clever—play on two different words. I like "Meritropolis" because it combines "Merit" and "Metropolis," two words that are great for describing a city where each resident's worth is measured by a score given to them.

In Meritropolis how were the animal combinations decided upon? For example, I know you chose to write about a bion (bull-lion), as well as many other freaks of nature. So what I want to know is how did you decided which animals to meld together and why.
I have a big list of animal combinations that I came up with before I began writing the book, and I tried to work in as many as I could. Sometimes the only criteria was that I liked the way the name sounded. Look for many more in the following books!

Can you tells us about your characters and who/what inspired them?
I am a big believer in John Truby’s approach to building a “character web”, because this deepens the relationships between characters and helps to make each of the characters more complex. Absent building a good character web, it can be all too easy to fall into the not-very-true-to-real-life good-person/bad-person false dichotomy where your protagonist devolves into this I-can-do-no-wrong character and your antagonist is just pure evil. I was very much aiming to show the imperfections and brokenness in each of the characters. My thinking as a Christian influences this to some degree, given that the Bible teaches that we are all essentially the same; we are all sinners—only God is perfect.

Do you have a favorite genre that you like to read?
I read pretty much everything! Fiction, non-fiction, you name it! I am of the opinion that, as an author, I can learn something from almost every kind of writing. Sometimes, it most definitely is a matter of learning what not to do—but, on the whole, I love to read a wide variety of writing styles, genres, etc.

Are there any books that have inspired your own writing?
I read A LOT so there are many different things that have shaped my writing over the years, but I wouldn't say there was any particular book, or books, that I was consciously looking to for inspiration while writing Meritropolis. Looking back though I can definitely see different threads of influence in almost everything I have read over the years that contribute toward making Meritropolis what it is: the strong protagonist of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, the philosophical bent of C.S. Lewis’ fiction, the dystopian setting of Hugh Howey’s WOOL series, and many more.

Are there any authors that have emerged in the last three years that have caught your interest?
Hugh Howey is an author that I really like that has caught my attention lately. I would highly recommend his WOOL series!

About the Author

Joel Ohman is the author of Meritropolis--"The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist". He lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Angela and their three kids. His writing companion is Caesar, a slightly overweight Bull Mastiff who loves to eat the tops off of strawberries.

Don’t forget!

Meritropolis is marked down from its regular price of $5.99, but only for a limited time. Feed your Kindle by picking up a discounted copy for just 99 cents, but make sure you do it before December 2!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone's having an awesome and craztastic Thanksgiving! If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving then I hope you're having an amazing day. Even if you don't celebrate I'm sure you eat. Right? Right? Food is the best part of the day even Jennifer Lawrence thinks so.

I should say I'm thankful for my family and I am but...

I am so gonna gain weight......

For now....

Devoted (Angel Academy #1) by Emery Skye Review

Series: Angel Academy #1
Publisher: Lemon Press Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Angels, Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2014
Pages: 388

Goodreads Summary

"Her world, her about to change. What do you choose when your blood is on the line." A world where your life is a mission and to succeed you must have resolute devotion to duty. All Anna has ever wanted is to be the best Warrior and sister she can be. Easier said than done. Seventeen-year-old Anna Hasdiel is a noviate at Hope Academy, a secret school for young angels where she and her sister, Amalie, train to become Warrior Legites with the duty of protecting humans from Demons for the Legion United. Anna's devoted to the angelic cause. She's always known she would be a Warrior for the Legion. Her world is about to change. For months, noviates have been disappearing from Angel Academies around the world. No one knows why. They just hope they won't be next. The Powers that govern the lower choir angels have sent reinforcements as protection and Anna feels an inescapable pull to Legite Nathaniel Deror. Legite Deror is strong, fierce and mysterious. He seems to have it in for Anna one second and the next he's rescuing her. He makes her feel things she shouldn't. When Amalie's boyfriend disappears, Amalie decides to search for him. This decision takes the group to the Dark World, the home of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, where they will encounter insurmountable trials and fight past a host of deadly enemies. Where do loyalties lay? She never planned for this. She never planned for him. 

My Review

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Devoted is about Anna an angel training to become a warrior in the Hope Academy a school for angels. Apart from her angel training Anna is always protecting her little sister Amalie which is why she gets into a lot of trouble. Around the world where other Angel Academies are situated at there have been angel disappearances and the powers that govern send in reinforcements as  protection to the Hope Academy. One of the reinforcements is Legite Nathaniel Deror whom Anna feels a strong attraction towards but she has other things to worry about. When Amalie's boyfriend disappears and she decides to go look for him Anna has no other choice than to go with her to the Dark World,  the home of the fallen angel Lucifer with other's tagging along this is where the story truly begins...

In the beginning while I was reading this book I kept putting it down and doing other things instead of reading it. Which is why I smacked myself twice after finishing this book yesterday because I've been missing out on an amazing read. At the start of the book its a bit slow because it's mostly describing the Academy and the Angel's ranks and other stuff I sort of don't remember. (I have a slow attention span. Sue me.) It's not until about 30% into the book that it picks up and when it does I'm reading this book like it has all the secrets in the universe.

Anna by far I think is my favorite character from this whole book. Anna is a bad ass no-nonsense girl she knows what she has to do and will stop at nothing to protect her little sister. I'm not gonna lie I would sometimes get irritated by Amalie and Anna having to protect her from problems she caused but as the story went on I understood why Anna did it.  (After all I have a sister too.) Anna's character was awesome I had no problems with her, I even dare say I'm putting her on my favorite kick-ass heroines list.

Now on to Amalie, Anna's sister the one who irritated me but then I came to love. Amalie is naive and always being protected by Anna but not for long because Amalie finally realizes she's in the wrong and starts protecting Anna as well. They protect each other which I find so sweet, their sisterly love for each other pulls at my heartstrings.

Nathaniel's character was fierce and strong and handsome and I just wanted to throttle him. No I'm not complaining I liked him and I felt like he was a good match for Anna. He did truly have feelings for her even though he kept pushing her away. Nathaniel took a place in my heart and I truly felt the love he and Anna had and I was happy but the end of the story he totally destroyed that place in my heart. I know why he did it and I understand but I just ugghh I need the second book. Anna's probably going to forgive him but I don't know about me and what's up with the sort of cliff hanger.

Their journey to the Dark world was difficult and the things they saw and went through were horrendous but man can Anna kick those demons butts. The Dark World is a scary place one I would rather not visit again in the next book but then again who knows.

Overall I truly did enjoy this book and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves angel books or likes to read Paranormal books with a strong heroine who can kick ass.

Rating: 4 stars

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Waiting on Wednesday: The Sin Eater's Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that were eagerly anticipating.

This weeks book that I'm desperate to get my hands on is:

The Sin Eater's Daughter (The Sin Eater's Daughter #1) by Melinda Salisbury

Publication: February 24, 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Epic Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Goodreads Summary

A startling, seductive, deliciously dark debut that will shatter your definition of YA fantasy.

16-year-old Twylla lives in the castle. But although she's engaged to the prince, no one speaks to her. No one even looks at her. Because Twylla isn't a member of the court. She's the executioner.

As the goddess-embodied, Twylla kills with a single touch. So each week, she's taken to the prison and forced to lay her hands on those accused of treason. No one will ever love her. Who could care for a girl with murder in her veins? Even the prince, whose royal blood supposedly makes him immune to her touch, avoids her.

But then a new guard arrives, a boy whose playful smile belies his deadly swordsmanship. And unlike the others, he's able to look past Twylla's executioner robes and see the girl, not the goddess. Yet a treasonous romance is the least of Twylla's problems. The queen has a plan to destroy her enemies-a plan that requires an unthinkable sacrifice. Will Twylla do what it takes to protect her kingdom? Or will she abandon her duty in favor of a doomed love?

Why I'm desperate for The Sin Eater's Daughter:

Well, apart from the gorgeous cover that totally pulls me in and has me staring at the screen like a weirdo the summary has spiked my interest. I always love girl characters who have awesome powers (though killing with a single touch is probably a crazy power to have but I love it!) and Twylla  has that and she's an executioner which I find awesome! I don't know about anyone else but this seems like its going to be amazing and I'm super excited!!! Why can't February come already! 

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Adrenaline Rush (Christy #1) by Cindy M. Hogan

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense

Series: Christy #1
Publisher: O'neal Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense 
Release Date: October 2013
Pages: 360

Goodreads Summary

This is a break off series of the Watched series-Enjoy

A madman with a mission is kidnapping groups of thrill-seeking high school seniors across the country, and it’s up to Christy to stop him. 

To do so, she must take on a fearless alter ego and infiltrate a group of adrenaline junkies bent on pushing life to the limit. Death-defying stunts are only the beginning: two groups fit the profile, and Christy must discover the real target before it’s too late.

If she chooses the wrong group, more people will disappear. But choosing right puts her as the prime target—with no guarantee that she’ll get out alive.

Young Adults, teens and adults will love this exciting suspenseful adventure with a dash of romance. You won't want to put it down.

My Review

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I rarely read spy novels but for some reason Adrenaline Rush caught my eye and I decided to read it and boy was that the best decision I ever made. Adrenaline Rush is about Christy a spy whose first mission is to get kidnapped in order to stop a madman from kidnapping adrenaline junkies and using them for his evil plans.

I had mixed feelings for Christy (or Misha her pseudo name on her mission) as a character because at times I would like her and other times I would just roll my eyes. What I mean by that is when Christy first infiltrated Madness (the group that is supposed to be kidnapped) the first thing she noticed about them was how attractive the guys were. Now don’t get me wrong  I was a teenager just like Christy and crushed on hot guys but you see Christy is on a mission to save these kids not fall for them. I forgave her for it of course since she’s only human and she does have other redeeming qualities. Plus I sort of felt sympathetic towards her because for her age (18 years old) she was seen to other agents as too young and inexperienced which she was but as her mission progressed I felt that she grew from an insecure girl to a strong and confident woman who at times still had doubts but still marched head on.

The romance in this story is there but for me it wasn’t much of a love story it was more like a means to an end. What that means is that although Christy does sort of fall for one of the guys in the Madness group named Dakota I felt like it was just well not that important. After all 2 weeks after they just met Dakota recites his undying love for her which is cute but just not for me. Plus Christy knows what she has to do she’s here to save him not fall in love with him which is another reason why I sort of liked her since she kept her priorities straight...most of the time. (Then again she was in love with Jeremy her handler so there's that.)

This was a first for me I actually enjoyed the plot more than I enjoyed the characters it was interesting to see how this madman’s evil plans would play out. I was pretty surprised by how he chose certain adrenaline junkies for his plan and how he went about it. I enjoyed his sick twisted games it took me on a roller coaster ride. I won’t say more since I don’t want to give it away.

For those of you who like spy novels, a bit of romance, an okay heroine and an amazing story line then by all means read this.

Rating: 3 stars

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Stacking the Shelves #1

Hi everyone! Welcome to Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves be it in virtual form or physical. I will be adding books I’ve won, bought, borrowed from the library or some that I need to review.

These are books I got awhile ago and that I'm adding to my bookshelf:

The Murmurings by Carly Anne West
Death of the Mad Hatter by Sarah J. Pepper

For Review


Adrenaline Rush ( Christy #1) by Cindy M. Hogan

 That's pretty much it, I'm super excited and can't wait to dive in to all these books.

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Soul Journey by Miranda Shanklin ~ Blog Tour: Spotlight/Excerpt

Book Title: Soul Journey
Series: Soul Series book 1
Author: Miranda Shanklin
Release Date: August 31, 2014
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

It has been many lifetimes since the cycle began. 

The cycle that still haunts Annisa Lawson. 

A spell cast in desperation to help, which only caused heartache. 

Now, Annisa has found her way out of the varying repeats of her past; only to bring more danger to herself, and those around her. Now she must learn to survive with the help of her friends: Chase, Penelope, and Landon have all gone through each life cycle with Annisa. Sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. Now that Annisa has broken the cycle of their collective punishment, she finds that she needs her friends more than ever to keep their enemies, known, and unknown, at bay. As the group of friends learn of their souls' journeys through their many life cycles, they must also learn to control the magick they have discovered within themselves and each other, in order to defeat the most feared assassin in their world. 


We walked up and Landon immediately came over to us, gave me a quick kiss and said, “I was starting to wonder if you were going to make it out tonight.”
I felt self-conscious about him kissing me in front of Chase, and that made me hesitate for a second. 'That's weird', I thought. I've never felt that way about Landon kissing me in public before. I looked over at Chase and saw that he had a weird look on his face, like he didn’t like Landon being that close to me.
I introduced both Chase and Penelope to Landon and the rest of the group, explaining they were my new neighbors and I wanted to introduce them around so they didn’t feel so alienated on Monday at school. We talked for a little bit in that group, and then I told them I was going to take Chase and Penelope out into the crowd to mingle with some other people. Landon was standing really close to me, and said that he would go with us. I thought it was kind of odd for him to be so clingy. Usually at parties I would go mingle, and he would stay in a spot he liked and let people come to him. He didn’t usually stand so close. I got the impression that he was trying to mark his territory or something in front of Chase. This thought was confirmed when instead of taking my hand like he usually did; he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him as we were walking.

I was starting to get annoyed by him acting like I was a toy that he wasn't going to share. “It's really hard to walk in the sand like this.” I told him as I moved away from him a little bit to walk easier in the sand without stepping on his foot. I looked over at Chase and Penelope as I stepped away from Landon. Chase had a smug look on his face, and Penelope was just observing it all with no expression. I then looked back over at Landon to find him scowling and glancing over at Chase repeatedly like he was trying to figure him out. The rest of the night went pretty well. I was able to get my message to Landon that I wasn't going to be treated like a piece of meat without actually calling him out on it. Chase seemed to find it amusing each time I gently extracted myself from Landon and his clingy actions. Penelope and Chase met pretty much everyone in the school and seemed to fit in pretty well with them all. Chase was going to be a junior with me, and Penelope was going to be a sophomore so I made sure to introduce them to people that would be in the same grade, and possibly some of their classes so they would know people that they ran into throughout their first day at school. 

About the Author

Miranda Shanklin resides in Central Illinois with her husband and their two children. When she is not working at her day job as a paralegal, running her children to practices or supporting them at events she is writing. She has been an avid reader most of her life and has always dreamed of writing her own books someday. Now that her children are reaching their teenage years she is finding the time to sit down and chase her dream.
Miranda loves to hear your opinions and uses the feedback to improve. You can find her on Facebook at or email her at

Book Links


Author Links


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Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello ~ Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Sons of the Sphinx tour
Enjoy Happy Geek Media's debut of Sons of the Sphinx

Curly Divider Blue

SPHINX - ABOUT THE BOOKsons-of-the-sphinx
Sons of the Sphinx by: Cheryl Carpinello
Genres: Pre-Teen/Tween/YA: Paranormal; Coming of Age; Adventure; Historical Fiction
126 Pages
Release date: October 10, 2014
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Two souls Separated by three millennium One with a gift that is more like a curse One on an almost impossible quest Destinies entwined; one seeks to find herself while the other seeks his lost queen. To succeed, the pair must right the injustices 3,000 years in the past. Only together can they fulfill The Prophecy, but in the process they must defeat the Pharaoh Horemheb. Dishonor and death are the fate of the defeated.
Armed with what she considers her grandmother’s curse, 15-year-old Rosa agrees to help the ghost of King Tut find his lost queen Hesena. Though Hesena’s ba inhabits part of Rosa, finding the whole spirit of Hesena so that she and Tut can be together for the first time in over 3500 years proves to be a harder task than Rosa first thinks. Thrust back into Ancient Egypt with Tut, Rosa discovers that finding Hesena is not all she must do. She must keep out of the reach of the living Horemheb - who crosses mortal boundaries using Seth’s evil magic - if she is to stay alive to make it back home.
Curly Divider Blue

My Review
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Sons of the Sphinx is about Rosa a 15 year old girl who is able to hear spirits and because of it she’s able to meet King Tutankhamen who asks that she help him reunite with his Queen and bring honor to his family and being the romantic that she is agrees.  Not really knowing what she’s gotten herself into but she soon finds out that it isn’t that simple.

Throughout Rosa’s journey in ancient Egypt she has threats on her life by Horemheb and while at times it does become too much she still doesn’t give up in helping Tut. I loved Rosa as a character, she seemed like a real frightened 15 year old girl worrying about more than a teenager should at their age but she managed to brave it through her.  During her journey with Tut she grows as a character, she realizes that the ability her grandmother passed down to her is not a curse but a gift. If it had not been for her ability to see spirits she wouldn’t have met Tut or traveled through ancient Egypt.

King Tutankhamen’s character I had a great sympathy towards and I felt saddened by the way his life had gone during his time. I was happy that Rosa helped him along the way and comforted him when he needed it. In a way they both helped each other grow as characters.

Sons of the Sphinx is a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading every minute of it. I loved that the books setting was in Egypt because I actually haven’t had the chance to read a book with the setting being in such a wonderful place like Egypt. I loved Carpinello’s depiction of Egypt though I personally have never been there she made it possible for me to imagine it.

If you are looking for a great preteen, action/adventure, Time travel book. Then look no more this story is just for you.
                                                                Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher who loves the ancient and medieval worlds. It is because of her teaching career that she has chosen to write stories to encourage reluctant young readers to pick up a book more often. She found that in the classroom, students would read the Arthurian Legend literature when they would read nothing else. This experience led to her Arthurian tales that have now expanded into the ancient worlds.

Good luck and happy winning and reading!
Tour hosted by...

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Liar Game ~ Korean Drama

Isn't the Poster of Liar Game gorgeous? (I so want this in my bedroom)
Name: Liar Game
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Episodes: 10

I am currently watching Liar Game and Oh. My. It is keeping me on my toes. The suspense is killing me! I seriously need my daily does of Lee Sang-Yoon.
I mean just look at him he is hunkalicious!

Apart from the eye candy there is a lot going on in Liar Game! I seriously love Lee Sang-Yoon's portrayal of Cha Woo-Jin. I wasn't sure at first because I had watched the Japanese Liar Game but I gotta say Lee Sang-Yoon is doing a great job with his facial expressions he actually looks like he's going through what his character Cha Woo-Jin is. 

Now enough about him let's go on to Nam Da-Jong, well Kim So Eun who is playing Nam Da-Jong is also doing great acting as an honest, naive and way too gullible character. I know she's doing her job well because as I am watching this drama I feel like going into my tablet screen and slapping her for being so gullible and believing in the good of all. (I mean come on it's called Liar Game for a reason stop trusting people. The game's motto is "Don't trust anyone." If that's not going through your brain then I don't know what will.  But I still love you, don't worry even if you are too nice and honest for me.)  
I totally fell in love with him when he said this to Nam Da-Jung though he was kind of insulting her but he's hot so its okay. *laughing*

By the way (FYI) the liar game is a Korean drama that is about a girl (Nam Da-Jung  who gets into starring in a reality TV show called the Liar Game and she has to go up against other contestants to win 10 billion  won (won is korean money) but the way they win is by cheating each other.Nam Da-Jung is naive and so she gets the help of genius swindler Cha Woo-Jin. Everyone is basically battling each other for money and if you lose...Well you end up with a lot of debt.

Now off to the evil yet not so evil host of the reality tv show of Liar game. Shin Song-Rok acting as Kang Do-Young is doing a wonderful job as well he makes me like him yet hate him at the same time. He's one of those characters that you can't help but have a love/hate relationship. I'm still not sure what side he's on or if he's on a side. Who knows?

If you love suspense, eyecandy, betrayal and love mixed together then by all means watch this! But be aware this show will keep you awake at night....I warned you!

Summary and trailer can be found here-----> Liar Game (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

Links to watch----> Liar Game - or here Liar Game -

Ps. Its still airing its on episode 6 as of now so you might want to wait till all the episodes are out. I should of waited too but I just couldn't  also my review might change as the show progresses so...Stay tuned!

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Sanctum (Guards of the Shadowlands, #1) by Sarah Fine Review

Goodreads | Amazon

Series: Guards of the Shadowlands #1
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children's/Amazon Children's Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Dystopia, Fantasy
Release Date: October 16, 2012
Pages: 417

Goodreads Summary

“My plan: Get into the city. Get Nadia. Find a way out. Simple.”

A week ago, seventeen-year-old Lela Santos’s best friend, Nadia, killed herself. Today, thanks to a farewell ritual gone awry, Lela is standing in paradise, looking upon a vast gated city in the distance—hell. No one willingly walks through the Suicide Gates, into a place smothered in darkness and infested with depraved creatures. But Lela isn’t just anyone—she’s determined to save her best friend’s soul, even if it means sacrificing her eternal afterlife. 

As Lela struggles to find Nadia, she’s captured by the Guards, enormous, not-quite-human creatures that patrol the dark city’s endless streets. Their all-too-human leader, Malachi, is unlike them in every way except one: his deadly efficiency. When he meets Lela, Malachi forms his own plan: get her out of the city, even if it means she must leave Nadia behind. Malachi knows something Lela doesn’t—the dark city isn’t the worst place Lela could end up, and he will stop at nothing to keep her from that fate.

Before I started reading Sanctum I thought I knew exactly what I was getting into. I mean the summary kind of kind of says it all, right? Lela goes to save her friend Nadia's soul. Check. She gets captured by the guards of the Suicide Gates and falls in love with the guards over-protective leader Malachi. Check and check. 

My Review

Now while all of that does happen, it didn't exactly go as I expected, see I thought that this books was going to be like every other paranormal YA books out there (now don't get me wrong I occasionally enjoy those books.) but it wasn't like that at all. I mean in the beginning of the book it actually shows Lela's relationship with Nadia and although their friendship wasn't perfect it was believable enough that when Lela lost her you could actually feel her loss as well and completely understand why she chose to go save her instead of just going on her merry way. 

I loved Lela as a character because not only was she strong on the outside but also in the inside, she didn't hesitate to sacrifice herself. I couldn't imagine myself going through with what she did and still be strong and yeah sure she wasn't completely selfless all the time. She had her selfish moments *cough* *cough* *Malachi* but that's what made her feel so real and made me like her even more. Lela wasn't just a strong character though she could woop ass real good and of course resort to using her feminine wiles if kicking ass didn't work.

Now enough about Lela let's go on to the eye candy. *wink wink* Malachi. Oh Malachi. Can I just say how much I love him? Can I? Malachi's character was just as strong as Lela's though you would think that they wouldn't be able to love each other and see eye to eye, they did. Although, Malachi is a lean, mean, killing machine he wasn't like that at all with Lela he was sweet and gentle with her and was really worried about hurting her.(Sure he did hurt her while he was teaching her how to fight but it hurt him while he did it and that just broke my tiny little heart.) 

You wanna know another reason why enjoyed this book a lot? Do you? Okay get ready here it comes. NO.LOVE.TRIANGLE. I repeat there is no FREAKING love triangle in this book. Nope. Nada. To be totally and completely honest I always dread love triangles in YA books. 

Why you ask? Just look at this picture, then you'll know the answer.

Thank you so much Sarah Fine for saving me from this. 

Apart from the oh so wonderful kick ass characters and romance, I totally loved how Sarah described the setting of the Suicide Gates. I could actually picture myself there which by the way gave me goosebumps. What else can I say other than how freaking amazing this book is and how much I freaking love it and how you should totally be reading it now if you haven't already.

Rating: 5 stars