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Heart's Tug ~ Thailand Drama

Name: Heart's Tug (Thailand name - Hua Jai Rua Puang) Language: Thai with English Subtitles Episodes: 20
My Review
Heart's Tug is about Pat a young woman whose older stepsister goes to jail and because she feels indebted to her for raising her as a child, she decides to take in her stepsister's teen daughter, Rantida. When she goes to pick up Rantida from her grandmother's house, she sees her being kicked out of her home for becoming pregnant.
Pat being a kind and responsible person wants to give Rantida a second chance at a new life and decides to bring up the child as her own, so that Rantida can start anew. Five years later, Rantida is grown up and is working at the Peera Rancho Resort. While Pat is working at a different company as a organizer while taking care of Atom. There is a lot of gossip floating around about how Pat was abandoned by her husband but she doesn't mind one bit. Pat is happy to take care of Atom but sadly, Rantida wants nothing to do with Atom.