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Bye For Now!

Hello, everyone! I'm sure most of you have noticed the silence on my end and I apologize for that. Especially to those who come to my blog and don't see a post up (only book blitz). And as much it kills me to say this......I'm not going to be on again until at least January or earlier, hopefully. For those of you that are wondering why, read on......
Apart from having college finals, my parents have decided its time to move (talk sbout stressful) and they've found a good place but moving isn't easy, especially on the busiest month of the year. 
(Basically my room except I also have soooooo many toys and clothes, that I apparently just shoved in my closet.)

On a side note, for some reason I remember as a kid thinking of moving as an adventure, now not so much. Especially, when you come to realize that you're a hoarder and you can't possibly take everything that you have. So, now you see my dilemma....
(This is just one bag...didn't want to show the rest…

The Quirky Tale of April Hale by Kathy Octo ~ Blog Tour: Spotlight & Giveaway

About the Book:
Title: The Quirky Take of April Hale
Author: Cathy Octo Publication Date: October 27th, 2015 Publisher: Blvnp Publishing Incorporated Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Tall, dark, and mysterious—Ryder Black is everything a girl wants. The catch? He’s trouble. Naturally, he’s irresistibly charming. Surprisingly, he’s impressively academic, too. But it’s his knack for getting into fights that makes him notorious. Dorky, clumsy, and just plain odd—April Hale talks like Yoda, eats her food based on the day of the week, and prefers binge watching TV shows to partying. She has also spent the past few years eavesdropping on the Blacks’ morning fights. It was her daily routine. Until that one morning that Ryder catches her looking into his bedroom window… and she becomes all but anonymous in his eyes. Hell-bent on making contact, Ryder gets a sneak peek into the quirky world of April when she stuffs all of her fingers in her mouth and faints the first time he talks to her. She’s unu…

The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden ~ Blog Tour: Spotlight & Giveaway!

About the Book:
Title: The Casquette Girls
Author: Alys Arden
Publication Date: November 17th, 2015
Published by: Skyscape
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy

Seven girls tied by time. Five powers that bind. One curse to lock the horror away. One attic to keep the monsters at bay. ** After the storm of the century rips apart New Orleans, sixteen-year-old Adele Le Moyne wants nothing more than her now silent city to return to normal. But with home resembling a war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normalneeds a new definition. As the city murder rate soars, Adele finds herself tangled in a web of magic that weaves back to her own ancestors. Caught in a hurricane of myths and monsters, who can she trust when everyone has a secret and keeping them can mean life or death? Unless . . . you’re immortal.  

 Find out more about signed copies HERE!
About the Author:
Alys Arden was raised by the street performers, te…

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things ~ Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

About the Book:
Title: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
Author: Martina McAtee
Publisher: Martina McAtee
Pages: 450
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

17 year old Ember Denning has made an art of isolating herself. She prefers the dead. She spends her days skipping school in old cemeteries and her nights hiding from her alcoholic father at the funeral home where she works. When her own father dies, Ember learns her whole life is a lie. Standing in the cemetery that’s been her sanctuary, she’s threatened by the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and rescued by two people who claim to be her family. They say she’s special, that she has a supernatural gift like them…they just don’t know exactly what it is.

They take her to a small Florida town, where Ember’s life takes a turn for the weird. She’s living with her reaper cousins, an orphaned werewolf pack, a faery and a human genius. Ember’s powers are growing stronger, morphing into something bigger than anything anybody anticipated. Ember has…

Dreamscape: Saving Alex by Kristin Pulioff ~ Blog Tour: Review

About the Book: 

Title: Dreamscape: Saving Alex Author: Kirstin Pulioff Genre:YA Contemporary Fantasy Published: April 15th, 2015 Goodreads | Amazon Sixteen-year-old Alexis Stone is used to getting away from life’s frustration with Dreamscape, a video game she’s loved since childhood. As her family prepares to move, a sleepy night of gaming pulls her into the world like never before. Trapped in Dreamscape’s realm, Alex is about to learn that being a hero has consequences… and this time, the stakes are deadly. Will helping the rebellion cost her everything she knows and loves? Or will she betray them to save her own life? My Review Before I go into my my review I'd like to admit that although I was looking for an action-packed adventure, this book exceeded my expectations! Dreamscape is about Alex, a sixteen-year-old who hates her parents for making her move just when her school and love life were going the way she wanted. And in an act of rebellion she decides to stay up all night playing…

I, Mary by Mike Hartner ~ Blog Tour: Review

About the Book:
Title: I, Mary
Author: Mike Hartner
Publisher: Eternity 4 Popsickle Publishing
Pages: 266
Genre: Historical Romance
Mary Crofter's first trip on the water was just after her first birthday, when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth. She's been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and other places since. She loves the water and the water seems to love her. Can she survive on the water? Will people ever take seriously a GIRL as a sailor? Will she ever come off the water? If she does, will the lure of the ocean draw her back?

For More Information I, Mary is available at Amazon.Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.My Review
I, Mary is about a young girl who loves the sea and wishes to become a sailor but during this time woman aren't able to do so. Although, that doesn't stop her from trying, especially with the help of her parents who know just how much she loves and dre…

Stacking the Shelves #13

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews and is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves be it in virtual form or physical. You can include books you’ve won, bought, borrowed from the library or review books.
In the month October I.....

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5) by Marissa Meyer Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo
I've read both of these and completely loved them and that's why I'm super anxious for the sequels. On a side note I'm way behind on reviewing, especially with school and all that jazz. I bow to those who juggle college and blogging! Oh and before I forget, have you guys received your Six of Crows Pre-order posters? I haven't and I'm a bit worried.....

Dream a Little Dream (Silber #1) by Kerstin Gier Reawakened (The Reawakened #1) by Colleen Houck The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight #1) by Melissa Grey
I haven't read Dream a Little Dream or The Girl at Midnight but I was reading R…

Until Beth by Lisa Amowitz Release Day Book Blast

Happy Book Birthday UNTIL BETH! We're so excited to be sharing this fantastic Young Adult novel by Lisa Amowitz with you today! Be sure to stop in at the bottom, and enter the giveaway for books, swag and a guitar pick necklace! The giveaway is open internationally!
About The Book
Author: Lisa Amowitz
Release Date: September 29th, 2015
Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press 
ISBN-13: 978-1633920330 She doesn’t just play, she kills it.
Talented rock guitarist Beth Collins has been barely holding herself together for months, ever since her boyfriend and bandmate became the latest victim in a string of suspicious disappearances. When her brother is injured an accident and she sees something dark billowing around him as he hovers close to death, she’s convinced her sanity is collapsing for good.

Then she's accepted by a boarding school for the musically gifted. All of her new friends are bursting with talent, but they're also keeping secrets. Can she trust Vince…

Waiting on Wednesday: The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
This weeks book that I'm desperate to get my hands on:
The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Publication: February 16, 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Time Travel, Historical Fiction
Heidi Heilig’s debut teen fantasy sweeps from modern-day New York City to nineteenth-century Hawaii to places of myth and legend. Sixteen-year-old Nix has sailed across the globe and through centuries aboard her time-traveling father’s ship. But when he gambles with her very existence, it all may be about to end. The Girl from Everywhere, the first of two books, will dazzle readers of Sabaa Tahir, Rae Carson, and Rachel Hartman.

Nix’s life began in Honolulu in 1868. Since then she has traveled to mythic Scandinavia, a land from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, modern-day New York City, and many more places both real and imagined. As long as he has a m…