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Book Title: Birth of a Destiny (Light Bearer #1) by T.R. Milne

Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure

About the book:
 Evil stalks her. True love finds her. Destiny claims her.
Rose wakes from a coma to find her life has changed forever.
Her parents were killed in the accident that nearly claimed her life. Now orphaned, her mother’s sister brings her to live in the country with her cousins, who quickly make their resentment known.
Once courageous and full of life, she only wants to be left alone to wallow in the murky shades of grief. Yet, evil stalks her dreams, and fate moves her towards her destiny.
Ghostly meetings, attacks under the cloak of storms, and a threatening dark presence brings danger and adventure to Rose, her cousin and new friend. Her special abilities, known to no one, must remain a secret – somehow.
The trio uncover a portal that takes them to a magical kingdom threatened by an evil creature thirsting for eternal darkness. Only one can stop him . . .
Already heart-broken after the loss of her parents, Rose struggles to deal with the hostility from her cousins, the constant danger, and the guilt that keeps her from Diamond, her horse. But, she is totally unprepared for a turn of events that has staggering consequences. Her special abilities are strengthened as she is tested, time and again.
Birth of a Destiny is the first book in the Light Bearer series. It is the beginning of a tale of a lost champion, found by fate and guided by love – growing through adversity and turmoil – on a journey that becomes a crusade. Readers will join Rose, a young girl crossing to a young woman who must travel dangerous and unexpected paths to recapture her warrior spirit, heal her heart and claim her destiny.

My Review

I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review.

Birth of a Destiny captured me from the very first sentence and I could not put it down, and I am really sad that I finished it so quickly. I was so invested in it that when the last page came I was so depressed to see it end.  I loved Rose she was just the kind of character you can't help but love and cheer for.  She was strong and independent. I really felt for her, her grief at her parents loss was really heart wrenching especially at such a young age but she didn't let her grief get the best of her she fought with all she had to protect the people she loved.

I could not get enough of Rose's character! One of the things that made me positively happy was that even though Rose liked James she didn't let her feelings get in the way and she knew she couldn't trust James completely. I'm glad she wasn't like other typical young girls blindly trusting a guy she just met because he was cute and nice.

I, on the other hand, really came to love James! I found him adorable even if he did keep secrets from Rose. He was just such a wonderful character apart from Rose, he truly did care about her and to me that's what really counts. Their romance was barely flourishing since their really young so it was understandable. The magical aspect of the story was what truly intrigued me and I would have liked to have seen more of it, hopefully the next book has more! 

Everyone who loves a good adventure with a strong heroine and a good vs. evil plot needs to read Birth of a Destiny!

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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About the Author:
T.R. Milne was shaped as a writer by early childhood where she grew up in a haunted house on a farm where her imagination grew wild.

Her love affair with writing began nine years ago, when her first child was still a baby. Since then, between working part-time and parenting a brood of scrumptious children, she has been writing during little stitches of “free” time in coffee shops, kitchen tables, libraries, and her study.

She now lives with her husband and three children in Melbourne, Australia where she is a Change Manager and Author.

T.R. Milne finds inspiration for writing in all the things that bring light into her life T.R. Milne loves writing for Young Adults, stirring their fertile imaginations and eager sense of adventure. Birth of a Destiny, the first in the Light Bearer series, is her debut novel.

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