Who Are You: School 2015 ~ Korean Drama

Name: Who Are You: School 2015
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Episodes: 16


The lives of identical girls with very similar names – one who disappears without a trace and one who loses her memory – collide in unexpected ways. Lee Eun Bi grows up in an orphanage and deals with the relentless bullying from a group of girls at her school. Go Eun Byul attends Segang High School, a top-notch school in Gangnam, but disappears without a trace during a school field trip. As Eun Bi tries to escape from her miserable life and ends up in the hospital with no memories of her past, Eun Byul’s mother thinks Eun Bi is her lost daughter and takes her back to live her life as Eun Byul. As Eun Bi tries to recover her lost memories, can she discover what happened to the real Eun Byul and why she looks so much like the missing girl? 

My Review

Who Are You: School 2015 is mostly a mystery thriller filled with secrets, romance, and so much suspense that I couldn't stop myself from watching it, no matter how much anger and heartache it gave me, I couldn't seem to help myself. But be warned this is no light K-drama and though there is romance, there are no kissing scenes only hugs (in case you expected or wanted any). 

Lee Eun Bi is the main protaganist of this drama and honestly I felt for her so much, she is bullied so viciously and horrifically and yet no one does anything about it. And although she tries to stay positive it comes to a point where she can't take it anymore and decides to escape by commiting suicide which really broke my heart because that is so not the answer....But instead of the escape she wanted, she ends up in a hospital with no memories, where she's mistaken for Go Eun Byul a girl who looks just like her and has been missing for over a week. Not knowing any better she starts living Eun Byul's life, while trying to piece her memories together.

Enter her two love interests Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang! Yi Ahn is Eun Byul's childhood friend who is also in love with her, while Tae Gwang is someone whom she finds herself befriending without meaning to. These two boys can't help but fall in love with Eun Byul and much to my dismay I can't seem to stop myself either. Yi Ahn would do anything for Eun Byul but so would Tae Gwang which just makes it oh so much harder to choose between them. Their both so caring and I just....I won't say who she chooses but gaahhh!!! This is why I don't like love triangles!!!!

The plot was full of so much suspense and mystery that it kept me on edge, only feeding me bits and pieces of the truth. Which seriously killed me, there are so many secrets and lies and that just made me so anxious! The character's were a whole other story, I hated some (mostly So-Young) and other's I just had so many mixed feelings for. And although I really enjoyed this drama, the ending was sort of disappointing but that doesn't mean I regretted watching it. I still loved the journey it took me on! 

Rating: 4 stars

Links to watch-------> Who Are You: School 2015 - Viki.com

Drama Quotes

"Trying to set things right after telling a lie, is a very difficult thing to do. You may lose a lot. Many people may point their fingers at you. But if you ignore and look the other way, it will get harder and harder to be truthful. You'll end up choosing cowardice."

"If you don't pull out the thorn, the wound will eventually get worse and worse."

"We’re eighteen, so we live every day as if it’s our last—loving and hating fiercely. It’s an age where we falter and get hurt easily, and are hurting more than anyone. Despite that, the reason we can look back on that time and say we were happy is one person’s warm outstretched hand. Not more, not less, but just one person—if we each approach one friend who’s crying and stretch out a hand like this, there’s nothing that I—we—can’t endure. It’s okay. You can hurt. Because you’re eighteen."

I seriously loved the OSTs that this drama used, the songs are below in case you're curious!



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