Undercover Supporting Actress ~ Thailand Drama

Name: Undercover Supporting Actress/Nang Rai Sai Lab
Language: Thailand with English subtitles
Episodes: 13

My Review

Action, romance, and hilarity ensues when the number one villain actress Zoe is taken in by the police for a crime she didn't commit but much to her dismay has strong evidence pointing to her. And the only way the police will keep this quiet is if she works as a spy for them to capture a Drug lord. Zoe doesn't want to be a spy but she has no other option than to agree.

Zoe is good at playing the villain on-screen but when it comes to being off-screen she's the most loyal and nicest person ever (unless you get on her bad side) and also a major klutz. I really liked Zoe's character because although she was kind, she wasn't afraid to put people in their place when they were being really mean and rude and I just loved her for it (these kinds of girl character's are rare in Thailand dramas). Although, Zoe's character was amazing she also had her flaws and one of them was being too headstrong which was also the reason why she clashed a lot with her love interest.

Her love interest Naruebate or Bate for short is the team leader of the team that is assigned to capture Richard the Drug lord and also the most stubborn person in the world. Which is why he and Zoe get off on the wrong foot right after they meet. He finds her completely infuriating for never following his orders, especially when he explicitly tells her not to do something but she ends up doing it anyways.

The romance between Zoe and Bate was great, you could totally see the chemistry right from the beginning. What I loved most was their character's development while falling in love, they matured but were still pretty playful and just loved to drive each other crazy. I loved seeing them tease each other, it was pretty hilarious to watch. I especially loved the scene where Bate scared Zoe since he knew she was afraid of ghosts. Hilarious!

Although Zoe isn't that happy to be forced into becoming a spy she soon finds out that although it is dangerous, it can also be thrilling and feel good to know your ridding the world of at least one evil. I'll admit that although the action scenes were pretty cheesy, I couldn't help but find myself enjoying this drama. I especially loved seeing Zoe go undercover as a spy and dressing up in different costumes. My favorite scene was when she had to dress up as a guy to go to a gay bar, the whole scene had me in stitches.

If you're looking for a good spy drama with romance and action, then look no further this drama is definitely for you!

Rating: 4 stars

Links to watch--------> Undercover Supporting Actress - Kudalakorn.com or Undercover Supporting Actress/NRSL Ep 1 Part 1 - Dailymotion.com

P.S. Although this drama is on Youtube, it's in really bad quality and that's why you can watch it on Kudalakorn's blog. She subs and uploads Thailand drama's on her blog through Dailymotion.


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