The Girl Who Sees Smells ~ Korean Drama

Name: The Girl Who Sees Smells or Sensory Couple
Language: Korean with English  subtitles
Episodes: 16

My Review

 The Girl Who Sees Smells is about two people whose lives are intertwined when tragedy strikes. 3 years ago Choi Moo-Gak was devastated when he lost his younger sister in the "Bar code" murder case. Which then led him to accidentally losing his senses. While Choi Eun-Seol is the only survivor of the "Bar code" murder case but has no recollection of the murderer or her life before the incident. And although, she lost her memory she gains the ability to see smells.

While going into this drama, I wasn't quite sure what I expected. I had not even read the summary when I watched the first episode, I went in blind. And to be honest gaining the ability to see smells after being in a coma seemed pretty far-fetched but I still decided to keep watching. So, color me surprised when I found myself enjoying this drama way more than I actually thought I would, though I think the CG they used for the smells also kind of helped me grow to love it. It was just so pretty!

Choi Eun-Seol or Oh Cho-Rim as she's going by now, woke up from a coma only to find out she has a blue eye and can see smells with said eye. She's taken in by her father (well who she thinks is her father, she has memory loss after all) and she lives a somewhat happy cheerful life. She wants to be a comedian and is training to be one. I actually really loved this side of her it was pretty fun watching her do funny skits.

Enter Choi Moo-Gak (her love interest), they meet accidentally because of an incident and she tells him about her ability to see smells. And they form a truce where they decide to help each other out, she'll help him solve cases so he can become a homicide detective and he'll help her become a comedian. The interactions between the two of them were downright hilarious, but could also be tender and heartbreaking.

I found this scene pretty hilarious!

The romance between Oh Cho-Rim  and Choi Moo-Gak  was super adorable. They were there for each other through thick and thin. No matter what happened they stayed by each other's side. She helped make his life brighter and happier and helped him see the world in a different way. They made each other  stronger and I just loved that.

Although this is a romcom, its also about catching a murderer whose destroyed countless lives and families so it does have its serious moments. Apart from the romcom, I honestly enjoyed the murder aspect of it and not because I liked seeing people die but because of how well thought out it was. You're not sure who the murderer is until at least halfway through the show and it still leaves you guessing as to why he's killing and leaving bar codes on their arms. It all just has you at the edge of your seat! 

As for the other character's helping with the investigation they were pretty.....well I don't wanna say useless but they were kind of dead weight. The only one's who helped was the leader of the investigation, Yeon Mi and Choi Moo-Gak. The other investigator's felt like they were just there for laughs or to help catch the culprits and that was pretty much it. 

All in all, I really enjoyed The Girl Who Sees Smells. The plot was well done and so were most of the character's. The ending was amazing, though I would have liked to have known more about the killer's background, it was still a good ending. All loose ends were tied up and we get an insanely sweet ending!

Even they agree!

Rating: 4 stars


  1. Thank you for the review! I don't watch kdramas, but I have to make an exception for this one. It sounds so interesting and different from the usual love-triangles-infested dramas. I think you got me at bar code murderer xD

    1. Omg! Thank you for totally making my day! I love introducing people to K-dramas, I hope you enjoy it! ;)

  2. Hmm I'm not sure if I'll watch this one, I'm just not intrigued by it. I recently finished Kill Me, Heal Me and it was amazing! Now I'm in the middle of a Jdrama and 2 episodes in the Kdrama Blood.

    Jocelyn @ Jooniel Obsesses over Stories


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