A Woman's Trickery ~ Thailand Drama

Name: A Woman's Trickery
Language: Thai with English subtitles
Episodes: 12

My Review

A Woman's Trickery is about Kate a young girl who loves her family so much but is naive when it comes to the world. Kate is content with her life and believes she has the perfect family and fiancee but she couldn't be more far from the the truth, her father has a gambling addiction. And because of this he has a big amount of debt, and to keep his debtors at bay he decides to rip off money from the company he works at, run by Marisa the head of the Suttagarn family. When the Suttagarn family find out about the deceit, they plan on putting him behind bars but Kate's father offers Marisa something she's been wanting. Which is an heir for the Suttagarn family, he tells them they can have his daughter Kate bear an heir for them and when she does the debt will completely disappear. Marisa's son is disgusted by him for selling his daughter like that and so is his mom but she decides to do it, if only to protect her son from his ex-wife. While Kate's life is being laid out and planned she has no idea of what's coming her way.....

I'll admit I had mixed feelings when I started to watch this, I was so angry at Kate's father because of how he used her like that. Kate is just such a cheerful and kind person that you couldn't help but want to keep her from finding out about what her father did to her. She was so angry, for which I'm glad for (I thought she was just going to accept it since she seems like a Mary Sue kind of character, yes I said it! I judged too quickly) and although she fought it all she could she had to accept it, to keep her family safe. Which I understood, I mean the loan sharks that her father owed money to almost kidnapped her and her little sister. She didn't have much of a choice. God what an awful father!

Sake her love interest and the young heir to the Suttagarn family is one cold guy but he's just been betrayed by his ex-wife so it's understandable that he's the way he is. He wants nothing to do with Kate, he doesn't even want her near him but his mother has other plans....after all Sake's ex-wife keeps coming back and trying to convince him to forgive her. But Sake just wants to be left alone to brood and be angry. *rolls eyes*

I'll admit I was a bit surprised by the chemistry between the two leads, whenever they came on screen there was just this spark between them. I wasn't too sure at first but they totally won me over. They were so adorable, and although at first all they would do was fight mostly because of Sake as soon as they let their guard down and opened up to each other, I was smitten with this couple. I mean just look at them!

I know I know I keep going on and on about Kate and Sake and your probably thinking what about her fiancee?? Well, I'll admit in the beginning it was a tearjerker when she broke off her engagement but honestly when they were together it felt more like a brother and sister thing than a couple (they grew up together). Oh but don't worry he doesn't end up sad and alone, he actually gets a girl too! And on to the second couple which to my surprise I loved as well! Normally I don't care much about the second couple in dramas because sometimes you just don't feel it. But for this one you could totally feel the sexual tension *lifts eyebrows* they were totally swoon worthy and hilarious. Satayu is Kate's ex-fiancee and he is so heartbroken when Kate breaks it off with him and the only one that comforts him is Pakinee Suttagarn (Sake's sister) whom he soon befriends without meaning to........Let the romance commence!

The plot although not the most original (after all it's a remake) I cannot deny that I found myself enjoying it, the romance was just honestly too sweet and adorable that I couldn't pass it up. Both couples were so beautiful, and I couldn't help but smile when they came on screen. Though there were quite a few obstacles some bigger than other's, I'm glad that there weren't that many misunderstandings. I mean sure there were a few but they didn't last long thank god. *wipes imaginary sweat* The villain's in the story were truly despicable but at least one of them redeemed themselves though I would have like to have seen that one person have a happily ever after too. But well, you can't have everything right? As for Kate's family and her father, you're just going have to watch for yourself since I don't want to spoil anything too major.......

All in all this was one big roller coaster ride after another and I regret nothing of it! The Romance was totally worth it!

Rating: 4 stars

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