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This weeks question:

Have you ever been to BEA, if so what was your favorite experience there?

I'm very sad to announce that I've never been to the BEA or any book event for that matter.  :( I didn't even know what BEA was I'd only heard little tidbits about it on Twitter, which is why I had to ask Mr. G (Google) to inform me on it...........And now I wanna go!

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  1. Ha ha ha! Love the gif, I haven't been to a BEA convention either, and it seems as though many of us in the F&F community haven't if that is any consolation :P

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    Sparrow's FF

  2. Do check out My FF: http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/2015/03/feature-follow-6-lets-talk-about-our.html
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  3. I didn't learn what it was until recently either, so don't feel bad! I hope you can go one day! Old follower!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

  4. I haven't been either..
    New follower!
    Here is myFF

  5. I haven't been to BEA. It's way too expensive.
    Old follower.
    My FF: http://onceuntold.blogspot.com/2015/03/feature-follow-friday-bea-attendance.html

  6. I live in NYC, but yet I still havent gone. I'm a new blogger, so I'm thinking about waiting a couple more years until I go. :)

    Old follower!
    Maisha @ Books Equal Awesomeness

  7. Yeah, BEA is on my bucket list, but I don't actually see it happening anytime soon, lol. I did get to go to a mass book signing once, and that was so incredible just by itself, I can't even imagine what BEA would be like!!

    New twitter and bloglovin' follower :)

  8. Old follower

    I live so far away from the States so I can't afford traveling such a long distance just to attend BEA. CRIES.


    My FF

  9. I hadn't heard of BEA either. Suffice it to say I haven't been. I am going to some local cons this year though and I've been to author events. You should go to something local! They're a lot of fun!

    Old follower!
    My FF!

  10. I do hope you get to go one day! Thanks for checking out my F&F. Already following on GFC, followed back on Bloglovin'.

  11. HI there! I'm new to this and really enjoying checking out the various blogs! I signed up to follow yours and look forward to seeing what you have to say!!

  12. I only found out about it a few years ago. Thanks for stopping by my FF. Following back.

    Worth Reading It?


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