The Sixth Sense ~ Thailand Drama

Name: The Sixth Sense
Language: Thailand with English subtitles
Episodes: 20 

 Sixth Sense is about five girls who were all born on the same day/month/year and can communicate with the dead but they each have different power's. If you love white magic vs. black magic, spirits, humor and romance strung together you should totally watch this show. 

Since there are five girls in this show I want to give a bit of spotlight on all of them, especially since all of them are so different from each other but somehow they make it work, they care so much for one another and I just really loved their friendship.

Kan - who can see the past of a person or object when touching it. (Because of this she always wears gloves. Totally cute ones by the way.)

Netr - she can see ghosts but cannot hear them. She's super afraid of ghost and tends to be the babied one in the group but I didn't mind so much because she was seriously adorable!

Yanin - she can astral project out of her body. Which basically means her spirit can get out of her body and communicate with other spirits. Just FYI

Ros - a white witch who can smell ghosts because each spirit has a distinct smell. Her power of smelling ghost was kind of unique but her witchiness made up for it.

Karn - she can only hear ghost. That's why she always carries headphones around

Ps. Here's the link to watch it on Youtube. You should try and watch the first part and see how you like it. Its by part and the first part's only about 15 minutes. It's 20 episodes in total but the person who subbed it, subbed it by part so it goes from part 1 to 183 which is the last part. (Again FYI) 

Just wanted to spread my love for this drama. Other than books I love watching Thailand dramas, Korean dramas, and other Asian shows.


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